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“ No cop no stop “ Stencil from 1997 – Frankfurt am Main

Oldschool stencil

„Tragic strip“ for the German newspaper „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“.  The 20 weeks long series describes the meaning of the word „NO“ in politics, society and religion. All work is made with stencils.

Berlin ( 2008 )

Newspaper Stencil

„Fucking Love“ – Frankfurt/Main (2009)


Oldschool Stencil – One Layer is enough! – Frankfurt am Main ( 1997 )

stencil – oldschool


Stencil after 12 Years, if you cut the paint you can see the differnent color-levels. „No Cop no Stop Stencil“ (Frankfurt 1997)

Stencil life…

Little Lucy Tile in the center of Frankfurt am Main – 2006

Tile in Frankfurt/Main