Ups, she did it again…killing a cat. Little Lucy was here. – Berlin ( 2009 )

Little Lucy Cat

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Help…I need to know why Little Lucy hates cats so much. I can’t find anything about the original tv show and I’m dying to know.

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Look up Freud. About the case of „Little Hans“ around 1900. It is a very famous and very common analysis of a paranoia and I strongly suggest, that el bocho who has very much developed in the last years and is now really a great artist has here, in his first wellknown series „Little Lucie“ not only quoted this tv-series but more so Freud, or the tv show that I do not know already quotes Freud and re-uses him.
One thing about Freud: The idea of the Oedipus-complex is nonsense. That’s communis opinio today. Still, Freud analysis of paranoia, and that the fear of a horse is due to the fear about something much else was very important than, in the times when nobody thought about such associations of the mind, that are very aesthetic in a way (in Alexander Gottlieb Baumgartens way). Because we can feel fear suddenly somewhere very else, where we do not know, why we fear it and where we cannot easily find the connection to the real reason for the fear. I see this as an aesthetic association of the mind that is very complex, as it is to find, what the signs of a painting mean. One has to think and feel about it a lot to find out. I think, little Lucie, the series of el bocho that is now a little worn of but still good plays with the ignorance of a violence that really tries to deal with an inside conflict, lucie REALLY wants to deal with but she does not know her real conflict consciously, but, since her conflict is so strong subconsciously, she MUST do something, and this is very violent because her inner conflict is so strong. Of course, EL Bocho has put all the possible associations into this piece of art, since the association with little Lucie is also a linguistic association with “Little Devil”. Little Lucie tells us a lot about the human mind- also, how tolerant we can be about violence when we feel sympathy or pity for the one who does the violence. Violence is cool. And it really is cool, because it is gefühlskalt it does not find the feelings for the victim any more. SO it is not good at all, because it does not help the culprit and it certainly does not help the victim. Finding ones own feelings can only ban violence. All this I see in little Lucie. The aesthetic and the truth about our souls. We would not no so much about our soles today without Freud and his little Hans, tough today that represents an early state of the knowledge about psyche. And we would not know so much about the way, we find violence aesthetic and funny and cool instead of asking why and asking hard until violence stops, though today, I find, el bocco makes so much great art that Little Lucie is not the best of his work any more.

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